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26-Sep-2017 23:28

This situation may also occur if you are using a managed Word Press hosting plan.

Many managed Word Press hosting plans use server-side caching.

The way you clear the browser cache depends on the particular browser you are using.

Here is how you clear the cache on a few common browsers: In addition to clearing the cache, each browser may have a way of stopping or minimizing the caching of web pages.

Some Word Press plugins also add cache functionality to your Word Press site.Using this technique will definitely slow down your web page viewing, and it isn't a perfect solution, because some caching may still occur. Check your internet browser's help files for specifics on how to turn off the cache feature.Be aware that some web hosting services use caching plugins on the backend without letting the user know explicitly.Hi, I made a Power BI report and published to my website. I am getting data from SQL Server 2014 database through the On Premises Data Gateway in my cloud server, and the log shows that the scheduled refreshes of the dataset are successful: https://snag.gy/Rvw H13But the report is not being updated automatically in my website.

It only updates if I click ´Refresh´ manually in Power BI, which defeats the purpose: https://snag.gy/Lz8Is there something wrong with my report, or is it supposed to work like this?

If you are using a managed Word Press service from your hosting provider and you are seeing this issue, you may want to see if they have an option to manually flush the cache.