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Sir William's troops were routed at the "Battle of Stockton Heath".Unverified local legend has it that many of the parliamentarian soldiers were buried at Hill Cliffe and Budworth.Excavations of the large Roman industrial settlement in the suburbs of modern-day Wilderspool and Stockton Heath have unearthed a Roman mask, that one author suggests may have been an auxiliary fort.Although the name Stockton Heath appears to have been conferred on the village at a later date (indeed the area itself has been described rather as "a hamlet of little consequence and no development until the 19th century" In 1643, parliamentarian forces under the command of Sir William Brereton advanced from Northwich to launch an attack on Warrington, the Lancashire headquarters of the royalist leader James Stanley, 7th Earl of Derby.North of the square is the main shopping area which includes the Forge Shopping Centre, developed on the site of the old forge (Caldwell's).Stockton Heath is home to a number of modern bars and restaurants, as well as traditional public houses.The battle is referred to in the 1859 novel Hollywood Hall by James Grant: "A priory, situated in a wooded hollow, ruined and battered as the Royalists had left it in 1643, next caught my eye, when, riding rapidly on, I approached a wide waste common called Stockton Heath, past which the Mersey rolled amid swamps and morasses filled with rushes and willows." The same novel frequently refers to Stockton Heath as a "waste" and makes numerous references to swamps nearby.This description contrasts sharply with the variants of "fashionable shopping village" frequently encountered in the literature of estate agents today.

Since 1988, much of the centre of Stockton Heath has been designated a conservation area to preserve its character but, at the same time, there has been redevelopment work with several new bars and restaurants moving into the centre of Stockton Heath.

Early maps refer to a hamlet by the name of Stoken) where the present village of Stockton Heath now stands.

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