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09-Aug-2017 03:03

So if you are already in the police you are in for a treat, and if you are looking for a date in uniform, we know exactly where you should go!Uniform Dating, a site that we can thoroughly recommend, was built as a way of getting ‘999 parties’ online.They’re known only for inspiring the words, “Hey honey, don’t you want to change into something more comfortable?” I can attest to the feeling of not wanting to get too close to the quasi bio-hazmat suit that likely has all sorts of infectious ooze on it.To sign up simply go to Uniform and walk through the basic personal info questions.These include the gender and age you’re looking for and your own birth date and gender.

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It could be related to one’s desire to be around someone in authority. Or maybe it’s the desire to be around someone who’s dressed up in a nice predictable manner.

I think most of us will happily stick with the Halloween version of things and leave the professional nursing attire for the workplace.