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Obiang Junior is widely perceived as being groomed to succeed his father.Royal spokesperson Percy Simelane said the government did not “give credence and legitimacy to untruths peddled by rumour-mongers hellbent to ridicule the monarch”.Moreover, this notorious playboy spent nearly 0 million of his impoverished country's money on luxuries including a private jet, a trove of Michael Jackson memorabilia and a collection of 24 sports cars such as 7 Ferraris, 5 Bentleys, 4 Rolls-Royces and others.Recently, the US government claims that it is seeking to retake assets worth more million from the son of the president of Equatorial Guinea, Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue who is accused of using his ministerial position to embezzle his country's natural resources through corruption while most residents of Equatorial Guinea lives below the poverty line in spite of the country's vast oil revenues.The group said EQ's government is "a highly corrupt regime with one of the worst human rights records in Africa." According to , the US Justice Department and ICE have been investigating Obiang "on suspicion of laundering funds into the United States and alleged 'extortion, theft of public funds, or other corrupt conduct' back at home." Now the US government has filed notice that there's a lawsuit pending that involves Obiang's Sweetwater Mesa house, his Gulfstream G-V jet, a Bugatti, a Lamborghini, three Rolls Royces, a Ferrari, a Bentley, and his white crystal-studded Michael Jackson Bad tour glove.Obiang doesn't come to the US often and his Bugattis and Rollses have all left the country, according to .

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According to , Transparency alleges that Obiang owned vehicles worth more than €4-million in France.He's also the son of long-time dictator Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo and something of a Malibu playboy who's dated rapper Eve.