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Using 968 putative orthologous gene pairs, synteny covered 89% of the barley genetic map and 63% of the rice genome.

We found strong evidence for seven shared segmental genome duplications, corresponding to more than 50% of the segmental genome duplications previously determined in rice.

Dr Taylor, who was one of the researchers on the project, also suggested that a hominin called Kenyanthropus platyops, which dates back to 3.5 million years ago and a fossil of which was also discovered in the Turkana region in 1999, could have fashioned the ancient implements.

The left is the "new image" from a couple of nights ago while the middle one is the "reference" image taken a couple of years ago, the right image is the difference between "new" and "reference." The researchers said there is clearly an exploding star in the outskirts of the galaxy.

Online volunteers, including a woman from Belgium and a Scottish man, have helped astronomers at The Australian National University (ANU) find a star that exploded 970 million years ago, predating the dinosaurs' time on Earth.

ANU has invited everyone with an interest in astronomy to join the University's search for exploding stars called supernovae, which scientists can use to measure the Universe and acceleration of its growth.

Citizen volunteers scan the Sky Mapper images online to look for differences and mark up those differences for the researchers to follow up.

Sky Mapper is the only telescope that is doing a comprehensive survey of the southern sky looking for supernovae and other interesting transient events at these distances. "Volunteers help find star that exploded 970 million years ago, predating the dinosaurs." Science Daily. Arsia Mons produced one new lava flow at its summit every 1 to 3 million years during the final peak of activity, about 50 million years ago.

"We are recognising volunteers by listing the first three people to find a previously unknown supernova in the discovery when we report it to the International Astronomical Union.The last volcanic activity there ceased about 50 million ...

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