Php script for updating contacts

05-Oct-2017 17:05

I lost my password to that long-lost web-based app, and at one point I wiped my phone while testing out new ROM installs.

I suppose I could find that web app and reload the contacts, but I know everything is out of date and it would be a chore to refresh it all.

It is strongly recommended that test this script against a TEST COPY of your database first, and that you take a backup of your Civi CRM database prior to running this script on your production database.

I believe I found the perfect solution – a web-based PHP application called PHP Address Book.A value of 1,000 for the limit parameter is appropriate for an entry-level server, you can fine-tune this value for your particular server and number of contacts.Note: Syntax only permits one set of parameters at a time.Edit the job to set the desired parameters, then run the script by selecting 'more/Execute Now'.

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Parameters: If too many contacts are in your database and need updating, or if your server is not powerful enough, then this script might timeout.These fields will generally be set to the system default values when records are created or imported.