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15-Nov-2017 15:16

The problem we now have is that she may well go on to win this final (assuming she can run, in fact, in which case I expect her to win easily), and then weeks down the line, we may yet have a disqualification and a result overturned, depending on those results.

The result therefore MAY be that the silver medalist is upgraded to gold, bronze to silver, and that fourth gets bronze.

In the last few days, it has emerged that she was in fact tested, twice, by her provincial athletics federation, who are claiming that the tests showed nothing unusual.

However, that does not yet constitute “proof” of anything (if there can ever be such a thing on a matter like sex testing – more on that later). The latest reports are that ASA are saying that the IAAF did do testing, but that there are no grounds for disqualification, that the test results will take weeks to release and so she will run tonight. ASA seem eager to let her run, regardless of consequences down the line (which is much the same as they did in the lead-in to the Championships).

What a tragic sequence of events for all the athletes involved.

Then again, stopping her from running may be equally unfair, because the tests may show nothing, and she would have been denied a world title (or at least, a shot at it).

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To imply that ASA was certain of her sex is to imply that she had been comprehensively tested, which she was not] Seme (the coach) added that when they stopped at a petrol station in Cape Town recently and Semenya entered the female toilets, the petrol attendants prevented her from doing so because they were convinced she was a man.Obviously a lot has happened since, and some of those articles are listed below.