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While selling shoes in a trendy Los Angeles boutique, a customer went back to her office and told her supervisors she'd just met a man who would be a wonderful on-air personality.

They dated each other for few years and finally split up in November 2011.Nick Zano (born March 8, 1978) is an American actor.Zano is known for having played Vince in The WB's sitcom What I Like About You.Edit Kat Dennings is also an actress and she is known for her work in the television series, Sex and the City.

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Once he also expressed his desire to get married to her and be her loving spouse but in June 2014, news about the separation became public.He also starred as a lead on the NBC sitcom One Big Happy and as Arthur in the TV series Minority Report. Nate Heywood/Steel on The CW show Legends of Tomorrow. While attending Wellington High School he was active in the drama and television departments.