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26-Aug-2017 14:09

Yes, and it's been around for quite a while (from what I can tell, since 2007).Think about it - you've coupled up, and many of your other friends are still single.Do you really want to head to the bar with them every weekend, or would you rather spend much of your time with other, couple, friends?Most people would rather the latter over the former, and thus a "dating site" like Kupple is born.Currently Kupple membership is free, although the site states in its FAQ that they may charge in the future for enhanced services. Therefore, all of the Kupple features are available to anyone who signs up, which includes creating a couple profile and viewing other couples` profiles, email, blogging (both the ability to post on other couples blogs as well as on your own), and a straightforward social networking system that allows couples to state who their friends are.Not only does Kupple offer their own blog about meeting friends as a couple (although it hasn't been updated since November 2007), Kupple also offers all of its members their own blog, which any member can post to - but can also be marked private-only, if need be. The company may promote itself as “traditional,” but its business is driven by a computerized psychological matrix that it says facilitates successful pairings among Seoul’s unhitched. That cold-blooded bombshell comes from Erica Oh, marketing executive for the Seoul matchmaking company Sunoo, also known as, which caters to Korean as well as English- and Chinese-speaking singles.

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Add to the fact that the site is still free and has an interesting feature or two (like being able to post blog entries on any other couples' profile), Kupple makes it worth your while to try them out."No matter how much you enjoy the company of your partner, having other couple-friends whose company you both enjoy is a healthy part of any relationship.

Lonely hearts fill in personal profiles, submit them to the company and wait for date requests from certified hotties to start pouring in. Members are asked to rate themselves on a scale from A (very attractive) to F (least attractive). According to Oh, the profile process is a soulful, self-defining moment.“What are you going to do with your date’s favorite color? “While Western societies consider horizontal aspects of a person important, such as one’s favorite shape or flower, Asian countries stress the vertical. Once members complete their profiles, the information is transmitted to a unique computer selection algorithm launched in August 2010 known as “the Logic.” After crosschecking numerous profile answers with possible companions, the Logic emails two date possibilities to members every Monday morning.’s basic methods are familiar to anyone who has ever used a matchmaking service.

Since its founding in 1991, the company says it has matched more than 23,000 members. If no date occurs, no money changes hands, leaving members to await more opportunities the following Monday.

From the first page of's English-language website or Korean-language website or Chinese-language website, new members are hit with a list of job-interview-style questions aimed at satisfying the most pragmatic dating heart. Part of’s appeal is omitting the fuss of traditional middlemen or couple managers.“If you hire a couple manager, the cost shoots up,” says Oh. Once you take marriage vows, you have what a sacred sanctity owed to your spouse.

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