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13-Sep-2017 03:26

His family was able to see/feel his love for her and knew this is what he needed to be happy. His family surprised everyone by accepting her and her son. (message # 2)‘Indians’, for your education, are people who originate from India. Let me save you some heartache although I don't think you will take my advice. I am far from being racist, but I’ve seen enough to know the outcome before it happens. Your child or children will end up becoming attached to a man that will end up falling for the whole "arranged marriage" thingy!Your guys family may just surprise him and you as well. The groups you listed above could best be described as indigenous or autochthonous peoples. And leave you heartbroken..luck because you’re going to need it.Of course I am in California and the men/women I am speaking of are from the Berkeley, Stanford, U C Davis, Lawrence Livermore Lab, HP, Apple, other high tech companies. I'd do so regardless of the culture, race, educational background or faith of the would-be partner.However, I can understand why some people may choose to be more cautious about certain factors than I would.Does he show you the love and respect that you show him? In that country the social pattern is very vast, social fabric is very complicated because of too many cultural values, religions, level of education and financial status.Does he speak to you all the time, or does he tend to speak down to you at times? There are people very conservative and people who are very liberal just like anybody else here.

You Say “I am incredibly perceptive and intuitive, but you'd never know it.”? Even ignoring your little racial ‘faux pas’ from the whole discussion, It’s clear some advice CAN be given based on the contents of the original post: There ya go…he’s catching you ‘on the rebound’ and you are going to marry someone with an expiring visa who needs a marriage to stay in the country…from a cultural background that will shun or devalue your relationship causing a possible permanent rift in his extended family? If he can get his families consent you’re laughing…If you let him solve his visa issues before you get married things will be clearer…cleaner… I hope it works out to yours and your kids best interest, and u find your happiness and love...just be very careful. Culture has something to do with it of course but first and foremost you must be able to trust that this man is not just using your vulnerable position as a single mom to secure himself citizenship.There is a small catch in the way Indians and Americans think of relation (especially marriage).This doesn’t mean difference in very basics of relation, love, care, understanding, responsibility or being loyal.Some won’t marry outside of their cast/religion/culture and some people don’t bother about it at all.

Most of Indians want their life partner to fit in their parent’s and society’s expectations too.I have left all unnecessary cultural and traditional burdens behind; all I have with me from that culture is essence of good values.