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That said, if a nesting female has lost her mate then she will be grateful for any food thrown to her within reach of the nest.

There's a swan's nest in a really vulnerable location - what can be done?

It is also a criminal offence to interfere with nesting swans in any way - they cannot be moved if the location of the nest is inconvenient for whatever reason. In addition to the natural threats they face from foxes, mink & botulism, modern society has added several more such as pollution, vandalism, uncontrolled dogs, fishing-tackle and lead poisoning, as well as unmarked pylons, overhead cables & bridges. Whilst juveniles this is only really possible by veterinary inspection.

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This is normally " Bumble Foot" and not a cause for concern but, again, if you are in any doubt please contact us.

Swans living on salt water will typically eat sea arrow grass, salt marsh grass, eel grass, club rush and green algae, as well as insects and molluscs. If you want to feed swans then give them fresh bread (mould is poisonous to them), grain such as wheat or corn, and fresh greens such as lettuce or spinach. Swans are not greedy creatures and will only eat what they need.

The food should be thrown onto the water so that they can swallow water with the food - feeding them on land is environmentally unsound and encourages the swans to leave the water whenever they see people which can bring them into harm from cars, dogs etc. Is it normal for a swan to fold one of its legs up onto its back? It's like us crossing our legs, plus the large surface area of the foot is used for body temperature control like an elephant's ear, absorbing heat from the sun when necessary. A juvenile swan normally lives as part of a flock until it is about 4 years old and deemed as being an adult.

Is it true that a swan's wing can break your arm? If a wing in full span and velocity were to hit a weak-boned person (such as a child or an elderly person) then it is theoretically possible.

In reality it is almost unheard of and is never used as a form of attack as swans are a defensive bird.Yes, she has the prerogative right of ownership for all the mute swans in England and Wales. Swan Upping is the annual census of the swan population on stretches of the River Thames in the counties of Middlesex, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire and Oxfordshire which takes place during the third week of July each year.